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What sets us apart

Range of Experience

Range of experience

We have carefully crafted a team with  complimentary skills making us uniquely suited to overcome any fund-related challenges.

Proprietary Technology

Proprietary Technology

We have developed  a proprietary cloud-based fund administration platform designed to efficiently meet our clients’ needs and grow with their funds.

Agile Client Service

Agile Client Service

Our entrepreneurial background combined with our team’s agility and outstanding client communication enables us to consistently exceed our clients’ expectations.

Consulting Services


Through our experience, diligence, and channels we can help you find solutions to any problem big or small.

What we offer our customers

We offer the full spectrum of fund administration services you expect, along with many services you won't find elsewhere. A fully-featured investor portal, custom software development, consulting on starting a new fund or creative solutions for operating your current fund, we're here to help fund managers focus on managing their funds.

Fund accounting

Using our proprietary accounting software we can efficiently upload trades, balances and asset information to generate accurate NAVs, valuations and fees. Additionally, our reconciliation tools enable us to spot inconsistencies and fix them quickly, ensuring the highest level of accuracy.

Custom calculations

Our technology allows us to create custom rules to calculate NAVs, assess any fees, and value esoteric assets.

Fast and Thorough Reconcilliations

Our custom and detailed reports enable us to reconcile statements easily, quickly track down breaks, and correct them.

Full-featured reporting

Our software produces fully-customizable, clear, modern reports so managers know what they need to know about their strategies and investors know where they stand quickly, clearly, and without stress.

Audit support

We make annual audits easy with draft financial statements, notes, and a detailed General Ledger. Our analysts are available for any additional support needed during the audit process. Fund managers don’t have to do a thing.

Custom clean statements

All of our reports are customizable, clean, and automatically uploaded to our investor portal for investors to view and download at their convenience. Fund managers no longer need to facilitate this process; our software handles communication with your investors.

Investor management

By streamlining the subscription and communication process we make sure investing and deploying capital is as easy and efficient as possible. Our goal is to make it a breeze to sign-up new investors and get add-on investments.

Investor portal

Our online portal helps fund managers by providing an entirely-online subscription process for new investors, including automated document creation and e-signature collection, and makes collecting new add-on investments and other documents from investors just as easy. No more emailing PDFs back and forth manually; we take care of that for you. For investors, it provides a central location to view their statements and communications with the fund managers saving everyone time and aggravation.


We maintain your shareholder registry and make sure AML/KYC and FATCA are applied correctly.

Back office support and consulting

We have established relationships with the best service providers and thoroughly researched back office procedures for running funds. This helps us help you streamline the back office and the logistics of running a fund efficiently, while allowing you to concentrate on investing.

Account logistics services

We assist with opening accounts, transferring cash and depository services.


Our services don’t end at traditional fund administration. We’ve helped clients launch new funds, recruit new investors, structure offshore investment vehicles, and develop models for valuing esoteric assets. If your fund has a problem, we can help solve it.

Corporate governance and legal support

From annual filings to meeting minutes to updating subscription docs and side letters, there are a lot of regulatory and logistical hassles that come with operating a fund. We have all of the resources and know-how to make it fast and painless for operators.

Legal docs and structures

Given our experience with funds’ legal issues we can help put in place new legal documents, advisory board documentation or anything else you may need when you need it done, without delay.

Recording and documenting

We help with meeting minutes, shareholder registry and any board filings necessary. Important documents can be uploaded to our investor portal, where they will only be visible to fund managers, for storage and easy access.

About our team

With backgrounds in financial engineering, fund accounting, computer science, securities law and business, and with experience ranging from running a family office, managing a hedge fund, trading on Wall Street,  developing sites with millions of users, running marketing for Fortune 500 companies, and even running previous fund administration companies, our team has the skills to help you manage your fund, whatever your needs may be.

Whether you want help  forming a new fund, figuring out the most tax-efficient investment vehicles,modeling data, or growing your fund and effectively handling your investors, our team is ready to help.

Starting a new fund? 
Looking to grow, or just ready for a change in admin?

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